Brad Bess

It’s a great day in Riviera Bay!  In the last 3 months there have been 20 homes sold in Riviera Bay, that means twenty new families are joining our fantastic neighborhood.  We currently have 13 homes listed for sale and 9 homes that are under contract and awaiting closing.  Our area continues to be a very sought-after neighborhood, buyers seem to love our central location, parks, and fantastic waterways.  The current market is one that moves very quickly, most homes go under contract in less than two weeks.  The limited inventory of homes in St. Petersburg, combined with lots of people moving to our area is the main reason why homes don’t last long in our current market.  If you are thinking of selling your home, here are just a few bits of advice to consider before listing your home in this market.

  1. Remember, you only get one chance for that first impression.  Most of our buyer’s watch a lot of HG TV and are looking for what they have seen on TV, such as colors, type of cabinets, and flooring.  Do yourself a favor and watch a couple of shows.
  2. Consult a Real Estate professional before doing any updates, they can tell you what buyer’s want and what does not add value.  I run into this a lot, you have to think about the market in general and not what you would like, most likely will save you money and time.
  3. Curb appeal:  A buyer makes a buying decision the moment they pull up to your property.  It’s the best return on investment you can do for your home.
  4. Consider getting a 4-point inspection done first.  Unlike a full inspection, this inspection covers your main mechanics of the home and has a significant impact on getting insurance for the new buyer.  Hire a licensed inspector to give you a report on your roof, AC, plumbing, and electrical systems.  Doing this avoids any unexpected surprises for both you and your potential buyer.
  5. Make it fun!  Yes, this can be a stressful time, but with proper planning and consulting it also can be a very enjoyable experience.

I sure hope this information helps!  We don’t want you to move out of Riviera Bay, but if you need to, at least now you have an understanding of our market.  See you around the neighborhood! 

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