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5 Replies to “2021 Elections”

  1. Kathie Minidis says:

    I cannot attend election meeting tonight as I am under quarantine. Can I do absentee voting? Would like to see job descriptions / expectations and candidate goals and objectives for the position they are nominated for.

    • Brandon Huskins says:

      You will receive an email from Election Buddy at 7pm, voting will close at 7:45pm, you can view candidates on FB page. We don’t have any director job descriptions.

      • Kathie Minidis says:

        Thank you Brandon. I’m not sure what the point is of voting if we don’t know what the candidates are supposed to do or what they plan to achieve in these positions. I do not feel that I can make an educated choice without more information so will be abstaining from the vote. Congratulations to the 9 out of 11 who get picked!

  2. Donald Gilbert says:

    I am objecting to this election at this time! There was no clear communication given to the 1200 residences in our community. Decisions seemed to have been made by individuals when there is a governing board to do the same! To vote you needed to fill out a form here which did not say that was needed to vote! For many years the voting took place in person. The change was never agreed upon in a board meeting. Someone seems to think that everyone has a computer!

  3. Donald Gilbert says:

    May I recommend to the old board is to become familiar with the Florida Statues Title XL, Chapter 720, Part 1, 720.303 & 720.306. I also recommend being familiar Roberts Rules of Order which the most recent meeting failed at following. Regarding the failed voting procedure (my opinion) some residence ballot was sent by email to them at 6:25 PM. The poles closed at 7:00 PM which was decided on by the President at the meeting on 01/20/2021. Her decision is beyond her authority as that is required to be a board decision. The procedure to vote by email was never decided on by the Riviera Bay board of directors. A decision that is beyond anyone’s individual authority. We have many residence who do not have access to computers.

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